Brennagh Burns is a singer, songwriter & musician performing solo and with friends at venues around Hamilton!

“Singer-songwriter from Hamilton Ontario. Lover of good company, captivating landscapes, road trips, laughing too hard and campfires!” — Brennagh Burns.

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“In this parody of Simon and Garfunkel’s hit “The Sound of Silence”, Nancy Pegg has beautifully captured the spirit of 2020 and this pandemic! She touches on some of the conflict, grief, and the many ways this time has forced so many of us to face ISOLATION in ways we’ve never had to before! Sending out a bit of love to everyone…through the silence ❤️ – Brennagh Burns, Musician/Songwriter I’M QUARANTINED & IT’S SILENT Hello virus, you’re not my friend. I want this nonsense all to end. Because your germs are slowly creeping; I’m afraid to breathe while sleeping. And any germs that might try getting into my brain… Cannot remain, I’m quarantined, and it’s silent. In restless dreams I walk alone, I cannot wander far from home. Gloves on, I peer quickly outside; In social distancing I must abide. When my eyes were hit by the splash of a passing car; I didn’t get far. I’m quarantined, and it’s silent. And in the light of day I saw. Hundreds of people, maybe more. People talking without social distancing People listening with faces glistening. People socializing because they just don’t care.. I don’t dare! I’m quarantined, and it’s silent. Finally people bowed and prayed. They got sick and were afraid. Covid had flashed out it’s warning. It was spreading and continued forming. Stay at home, be safe & your health won’t be compromised. Please all let’s just be wise. I’m quarantined, and it’s silent. ~Nancy Pegg”– Brennagh Burns 2021.

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