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Meet your daily dose of three local must check out spots. Shop, eat, stream, and download the best that Hamilton has to offer.

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Stories of Migration & Belonging

Every immigrant has a unique story to share of their migration and of finding a sense of belonging in a new place. The stories often include personal memories of both inclusion and exclusion, experiences which not only shape individuals, families and communities but the city as a whole. This exhibition was produced in collaboration with Hamilton Immigration Partnership Council and members of our community who generously shared their personal stories.

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Shop Local

Shopping local has never been easier or more fruitful than it is right now, especially if you’re looking for an easy way to buy fruit! We’ve got that, and we’ve got everything else too. From textiles, fashion, home and garden, decor, art and art supplies to dog bones and garden gnomes, you name it, we’ve got it. It’s all here, and it’s all Hamilton!

Hamilton Arts Scene is Alive

Arts Alive

Hamilton is home to such a diverse and amazing arts community. The artists below are just a sampling of what’s on the Arts Alive page. Click explore more to immerse yourself in the city’s best and brightest.

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Great Spots To Eat

When are there too many choices in what to eat? Never, that’s when! The truth is, if you ate out every day for a year, you still won’t have scratched the surface of the food in this town. Better get moving, is what we’re saying, and here’s the best place to start!

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Humans of the Hub

At Hometown Hub, we’re big on business, but we’re HUGE on humans! Very pro-human! That’s why we work to bring you awesome spotlight stories about the hometown heroes that make Hamilton such a hAWESOME place to live, to work, to shop and to be!

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Around the City

Truth be told, you can find great places to shop, have fun and grub down anywhere in Hamilton, and it's likely that there are a few spots just around the corner from you that you haven't explored yet. We're here for that, allowing you to narrow your search down to what's in your neighbourhood! Sitting in the living room, planning your outing, or already out and about on the town, our Hub Hotspots help narrow your focus down from everything to everything in your immediate vicinity. No matter where you are, there's a lot to choose from!

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